5 Kitchen Flooring Ideas We Bet You’ve Never Thought Of

We love a continuous hardwood in the kitchen as much as the next gal. But recently, we’ve really been feeling drawn to flooring that’s less…expected.


Neutral, earthy and refined, sandy-toned limestone is one of our favorite ways to make a statement in the kitchen—without overwhelming or maxing out our budget. (Psst: It’s one of the least pricey of the hard, natural stones.) For best results, you’d be wise to treat these guys with a matte finish sealer, then re-apply it once every two years. The chalky glaze will camouflage any wear and tear, and provide traction when wet.

Antiqued Brick Pavers

Economical, easy to clean and care for and basically impervious to impact damage (including light and heat), this option will last you for decades if properly treated with a brick masonry sealer every several months.

…Or White-Painted Brick

Another fresh option? Taking a paintbrush to those inexpensive brick pavers, and giving them a modern, whitewashed makeover. Just be sure to pre-treat with a brick masonry sealer before painting, to prevent staining and moisture-infiltration down the road.


Anyone else feeling a slate kitchen revival? Note that maintenance needs for these beauties vary by climate and style, so it’s best to consult your stone provider on best practices. Bonus: With its upscale cred, it’s a great way to add resale value to your home.

Painted Pattern

With this option, you’ve got an easy, affordable way to werk what you’ve got, whether that’s a drab wood or linoleum eyesore. We especially love the nostalgiac vibe of a painted diamond or checkerboard pattern. Charmed? We’re sure.

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