6 Cozy Home Essentials You’ll Need this Winter

There is so much to love about winter, like red-wine hot chocolate and oversize sweaters. And then there’s sidewalk slush and whiteouts. This season, keep the arctic elements outside where they belong and create a snug interior with these six items you need to have a cozy winter indoors.

Chunky Knit Blankets Made for Snuggling

We don’t know about you, but in our household, winter weekends consist of snuggling underneath a cozy blanket and watching copious amounts of Netflix. We’re partial to those huge knit blankets that feel as if they weigh more than our body. You might want to consider buying an extra, smaller version for your fur baby because chances are he will have no hesitation cozying up next to you.

Food Trays for Fancy Self-Service

The aforementioned binge-watching that takes place means we don’t leave our couch all that often (no shame). Set yourself up with some snacks and a mug of chai tea or your trusty Chemex and you’ll be good to go. Bonus: You won’t be left vacuuming rogue crumbs off the couch cushions.

Candles for an Extra Glow

Instead of lighting one big jar candle, scatter votives throughout the room to create a cozier ambience than you’d get from a single flame. For an even more intimate feel, place the candles inside frosted or mercury glass holders to create a warm glow.

Houseplants For A Healthy Dose Of Colour

It’s no surprise that during the January doldrums, Mother Nature takes a back seat. And as pretty as a winter wonderland can be, it’s important to keep some semblance of life inside your home. Set out leafy green plants to bring about a fresh feel and also naturally clean the air. In the dead of winter, it’s nice to see something that’s alive and lush.

Twinkle Lights For A Subtle Accent

Flashbacks to your college dorm room shouldn’t stop you from reaching for these tiny bulbs—just make sure you’re using them in a more elevated manner. For instance, outline a gallery wall with globe string lights and let the orbs act as mini spotlights for your artwork. Or place a battery-powered strand inside a bell jar or lantern and display it on your mantel.

Sheepskin Accents for Warmth

In addition to your new chunky knit blanket, keep warm with sheepskin accents. Whether it’s in the form of a pillow, a rug or a chair cover, you’ll be taking the ideas of hygge to the next level. All you need now is a pair of flannel pajamas and wool socks. Oh, and a crackling fire. Sounds like perfection to us. (Hint: These also look great in a baby’s nursery.)

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