How to Make a Happier Home

Some New Year’s resolutions, like hauling your bum to the gym on the regular, require commitment. But others, like zhooshing up your home for a fresh outlook, are easy as pie. We asked a few of our editors and Coterie members to share the one trick that makes their home a happy one.

Commit to One Amazing Home Fragrance

“I’m obsessed with making my home smell good, but there’s nothing worse than competing scents,” says lifestyle director Angela Cuneo. “For this this reason, I’ve spent the past few years stocking up on Diptyques Baies votives, as well as their diffusers and scented ovals that I stick in my closet. It may seem like a lot, but just one of these in each room insures that things smell fresh rather than nauseating.”

Decorate with Your Accessories

“Declutter while using your favorite pieces of clothing as decor!” suggests Lauryn Evarts. “Pull out that beautiful pair of shoes that just sits in your closet and use them as a paperweight, or to add dimension to your coffee table. It’s unexpected and fun!”

Rethink Greenery

The ultimate shortcut to a cheerful home? Plants, according to Alyssa Rosenheck. “They’re an immediate mood booster and add an extra layer of life to the space,” she says. And she doesn’t think you should be demure when it comes to styling options either: “Get creative with planters and play with the scale of plants in relationship to your space—don’t be afraid to suspend them from the ceiling!”

Play Musical Chairs, but With Your Rugs

Who says a rug needs to stay in one room, and one room alone? Entertainment editor Lex Goodman is a big fan of shuffling her rugs (and throw pillows) from room to room (say, swapping your dining room and bedroom rugs), to set a new tone for the new year—on the uber-cheaps. “It’s a great way to make a room feel fresh without spending a dime!” she says.

Prettify Your Food Storage

The key to living happier all comes down to food, if you ask Aida Mollenkamp. “Arrange the ingredients in your kitchen like an art display to make the space feel more inviting. You’ll find you use less packaging, less plastic (if you commit to all glass containers) and maybe even eat healthier since healthy foods will be presented instead of hidden away in a produce drawer.”

Have Your Art Professionally Framed

It’s no secret that looking at beautiful art has the power to uplift you. And while professional framing of said art can be costly, SEO editor Alexia Dellner says it makes her so much happier to see the elevated, finished product. “It took me a while to come around on this (because it’s so much more expensive than buying an IKEA frame) but it really does make a huge difference, to not just the piece that you’re framing but the whole room.”

Invest in An Air Purifier

“Cleaner air at home has been shown to affect asthma and allergies (obviously), but also to improve your sleep and even breakouts!” says Carley Knobloch. “Not only do air purifiers trap pollutants, but they grab viruses in the air too, as well as VOC gasses, which have been known to cause fatigue and nausea.” Consider this your secret weapon for flu season.

Craft Personal Vignettes On Your Surfaces

Ali Maffucci relies on styling her console table with personal touches ​to boost her mood. Essential to a happy vignette? Fresh flowers, a favorite candle and a cast of rotating photos for a new perspective. “Photos are easy to arrange and rearrange this way, and every time you walk by the table, you’ll be instantly filled with happiness!” she says.

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