Real Estate Photography Marketing Tips

Real estate photography is a business first and photography second. Marketing is essential for success in this photography niche.

But where do you even start? And what are the best marketing techniques for real estate photography?

In this article, we’ll outline some real estate photography marketing tips to get you going.

Ask for Referrals to Boost Your Business

Word of mouth should still be at the front of all your marketing efforts. Many photography businesses exist only because of word of mouth.

You can start with friends and family. Ask them to refer you to some real estate agents they know. Ask friends to put your visiting cards or flyers on their office message boards. Sometimes only mentioning your real estate photography in conversations can get the ball rolling.

You’ve got to be well-prepared for the word of mouth to work, though! Have an online presence ready, shiny and functioning.

Of course, you need to produce great photos for this method to bring you customers. Bad real estate photos will repel all the newcomers.

Create Targeted Campaigns to Attract Audience

Successful photographers are often experts at promoting themselves across various social media platforms. Unless you already have a large following, your free posts have a low chance of getting noticed. The only possibility is that it’ll work in the same way as word of mouth: if someone you know them.

The better approach is to pay for ads. But there’s a trap! If you set up your marketing campaign wrong, it’ll eat up a lot of money without bringing any results.

Study your audience, create a targeted campaign. Remember that these should have a very attractive front cover. Use something spectacular, like a house front at twilight. Look up and examine a bunch of profiles so that you can rule out your ads criteria.

Another excellent approach is to create something unusual or viral. No one is going to repost your real estate photos. But they could repost an amazing behind-the-scenes or beautiful drone footage.

Before and after photos could also go viral. Make sure to ask consent from the agent/owner to use their pictures. Or you could make a few crooked snaps with your phone and compare them to your final shots.

Hand Out Flyers to Find Prospective Clients

You need a quick and easy way to present yourself. An excellent way to achieve it is to print flyers and brochures and deliver them to prospective clients.

Printing is easy, and you can either do it yourself or hire a designer.

Here are a few ways to get eyes on your flyers and brochures once you have them:

  1. Bring them to offices. You need to be a charismatic person to get past the gatekeeper or have a super eye-catching flyer.
  2. Put it in their post box. They put their flyers in yours all the time anyway, don’t they?
  3. Visit open houses and have a quick chat with the agent. If it’s too crowded, leave a bunch of your printed materials on the table top.

Present Your Work in Person to Convince Your Clients

I haven’t done this, but many real estate photographers say it’s the best way to get a lot of clients. You must be good at speaking in public and creating convincing presentations.

The strategy is the same. You find an agent at an open house or go directly to their office. Ask if you could make a presentation along with some fantastic first-timer offers that no sane person could refuse.

Your displays should be as attractive as possible. And of course, you should have a great offer to mention.

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