The Double-Breasted Suit Is Your Summer Tailoring Power Move

Tailoring is and always will be a perennial requirement for any man interested in a complete wardrobe. And though your first or even second suit should probably be single-breasted—it’s a bit more conventional, so you won’t upstage your boss during that business lunch—beyond that you should definitely consider something double-breasted. Whether it’s a matching suit or a jacket and trousers, the DB is a great way to tell the world that you’re serious when it comes to style. And to help you pick the right look, here are 10 of our favorites.


The key to not looking like a 1920s banker when it comes to a double-breasted pinstripe suit is to focus on fit. Go with something a bit slimmer, and keep the accessories—wild ties, crazy tri-fold pocket squares, etc.— to a minimum.


Soho-Fit Checked Wool-Blend Blazer

Traditionally checked blazers are more common in the fall. But this un-lined wool and silk-blend version from Paul Smith looks—and feels—great during the warmer months as well.


Travel Tailoring Linen-Blend Suit

A lightweight summer suit that you can take on the road.


Double Breasted Jacket And Trousers

A modern slim-fit stretch suit from the brand that made the DB an icon of the ’80s.


Ludlow Dinner Jacket In Italian Linen

Upscale events during the summer don’t mean you have to be a sweaty mess. A linen dinner jacket like this will keep you cool in every sense of the word.


Skinny Fit Marled Suit

A modern take on the classic Continental summer look.

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